Barron Sherer


Barron Sherer’s All Communities Sales Presentation is a film collage created from promotional videos of a a 1980s South Florida real estate development company. Accompanying the images are musical excerpts from the Song of Florida, sung by 1950s to 80s kiddie show host Skipper Chuck. Sherer’s experimental video repurposes archival image and sound to examine the marketing of the Florida Dream.

Sherer (born Rock Hill, SC) lives and works in Miami. He is a time-based media artist with a background in moving image archival practice and research. He received a BA in media arts from University of South Carolina. Sherer co-founded a Knight Foundation supported studio space, Obsolete Media Miami (O.M.M.), an archive project that functions as a space for the collection and use of 35mm slides, film reels, cameras, projectors, and other legacy media and technology.

Sherer’s recent work has been exhibited at the Frost Museum, Emerson Dorsch Gallery (Miami), the Bakehouse Art Complex, Perez Art Museum Miami, the Deering Estate (Miami), Rooster Gallery (NYC), Gallery 125 (Brooklyn, NY); EMP Collective (Baltimore, MD), and Art Center Berlin (Germany).  


Image: Barron Sherer, All Communities Sales Presentation (frame grab), 2015, digital video installation, 8:11