AST (Alliance of the Southern Triangle) is an experimental initiative exploring the ramifications of a speculative secession of South Florida from the State of Florida, in light of current and projected State policy relating to climate change. We are an independent collaborative of artists and architects interested in how extrapolative line-drawing through Florida might be a catalyst towards the creative investigation and leveraging of networks, forces, ruptures and flows already in play.

Miami and the South Florida region of which it is part, frame a unique matrix of land use, trade patterns, borderline legality, immigration porosity, mixed ecologies, contemporary art, real-estate development and various instruments of financial exchange. Viewed globally it represents, perhaps, the shape of things to come.

AST aims to be a platform where geospatial, political, urban, ecological, cultural and artistic possibilities, in light of climate change and political volatility, can be reimagined, visualized, and materialized in ways that leverage the dynamics already in process.  

Through collaborative efforts we hope to develop artistic strategies and practices that envision alternative trajectories for Miami and the South Florida region in a global context; as well as speculate on the possibilities for what an art practice might become in this historical moment.